Mystical Black Maine Coon: Secrets Revealed

The black Maine Coon is so dark that you could easily lose sight of your kitty in the nighttime darkness, that is, until they look straight towards you with their dazzling, shiny bright eyes. The beautiful black Maine Coon colouring is just one, of over 74 different Maine Coon colourings to choose from, yet black remains one of the most popular colours, and is more commonly found.

Black Maine Coons are one of the more popular Maine Coon colourings to own. They are relatively common to find, and their dark fur resembles the night time sky. If it wasn’t for their shiny bright eyes twinkling under the night sky, you could easily lose them in the darkness of the night.

How To Identify A Black Maine Coon Cat

According to the Cat Fanciers Association, black Maine Coon cats can be classified under the following four colour classes (source):

  • Solid Colour Class
  • Bi-Colour Colour Class
  • Shaded and Smoke Colour Class
  • Shaded/Smoke and White Colour Class 

The table below summarises the colour class requirements, that a black Maine Coon cat must fit into, to be considered a pedigree black Maine Coon:

Colour ClassNameColour Requirements
Solid Colour ClassBlack1) Fur should have a solid black coal colouring from root to tip.
2) No tinges of rust colouring on the tips of their fur
3) No smokey colours on undercoat.
4) Black nose
5) Paws are black or brown
Bi-Colour Colour ClassBlack and White1) Combination of black and white.
2) May have white on their faces
3) Should have white on belly, all four paws, and bib. 
Shaded and Smoke Colour ClassBlack Smoke1) Maine Coon has white undercoat, deeply tipped with black.
2) Whilst resting, the cat will appear black. Thought as they move, the white undercoat is clearly visible.
3) Paw pads are black
4) Nose Leather is black
5) Light silver frill and ear tufts
6) Narrow band of white fur next to the skin, which can only be seen when fur is parted.
Shaded/Smoke and White Colour ClassBlack Smoke and White1) With or without white on the face
2) Must have white on all four paws,
3) Has white on belly and bib

Black Maine Coon Size

The Maine Coon is the largest domesticated cat in the world, apart from the Norwegian Forest Cat. This cat breed originates from Maine, United States, and is often referred to as being a ‘gentle giant’ due to their large build, yet amazingly gentle and laid back nature.

There are many different Maine Coon colourings to pick from, but the beauty of the black Maine Coon will likely capture your heart immediately.

I shall cover the following aspects of the black Maine Coon size:

a) Maine Coon Size Table

The table below summarises the black Maine Coon size: (inches and lbs)

GenderLength (inches)Height (inches)Weight (lbs)

The table below summarises the black Maine Coon size: (cm and kg)

GenderLength (cm)Height (cm)Weight (kg)

b) Black Maine Coon Length

One of the key Maine Coon characteristics is their very long rectangular body. Their bodies should never appear squished, or out of proportion, but instead long and muscular. Although the male of the breed tends to achieve larger physical proportions in general than their female counterparts, this is not the case when it comes to a Maine Coons length, where both male and female black Maine Coons reach anywhere up to 40 inches in length. Therefore, you should expect your black Maine Coon to grow into an impressively long Coon!

The longest Maine Coon ever recorded in the Guinness World Records, was set by a Maine Coon named ‘Stewie’. He was not a black Maine Coon, but he certainly was long, reaching an astonishing 48.5 inches in length. The title for longest cat is currently being reviewed, since the owners of ‘Ludo’ and ‘Omar’ are now being put forward to the record books for consideration.

c) Black Maine Coon Weight

Although there will always be exceptions to the rule, the general consensus is that male black Maine Coons weigh more than their female black Maine Coons counterparts. As you can see in the table, the average male weight is 15-25 lbs (6.9-11.3 kg), and the average female weight ranges from 8-12 lbs (3.6-5.4 kg).

Maine Coon cats grow at a very slow rate of growth, not reaching their full Maine Coon size until between 3-4 years, unlike other cat breeds that reach full size by 2 years. Many owners overfeed their Coon, mistakenly thinking that that they are not growing quick enough. Avoid this error by measuring your Maine Coons size each month, and compare this to a Maine Coon specific growth chart, to check that your Coon is growing at a healthy weight.

Here is a Maine Coon weight chart (click here)

d) Black Maine Coon Height

The average male Maine Coon will reach 10-16 inches (25-40 cm) in height, whereas the female Maine Coon height is usually somewhat smaller, at an average 8-14 inches (20-35 cm)

Black Maine Coon
Black Maine Coon

Black Maine Coon Price

The average price for a purebred black Maine Coon kitten is $1000 (£819). However, if you are interested in purchasing a black Maine Coon kitten for breeding purposes, expect to pay anywhere up to $2000 (£1580) per kitten. Cats specifically bred as show Maine Coons will also come at a premium price, costing a buyer anywhere up to $2500 (£1975).

Pedigree Maine Coon cats definitely don’t come cheap, so if you find black Maine Coon kittens are over budget, but you are still keen to own a Maine Coon, then you should consider giving an older Maine Coon a loving home. Older Maine Coon cats will cost roughly $600 (£474) each. You can find Maine Coon cats available in a variety of places, including Registered Maine Coon Breeders, rescue centres or shelters, or online.

Purebred Maine Coon Kittens

Purebred Maine Coons are expensive pedigree cats. If you are keen to purchase a Maine Coon kitten that has the characteristics and personalities associated with the Maine Coon cat breed, i.e. gentle nature, large muscular build, friendly, playful etc, then you should only buy a purebred Maine Coon.

Mixed Maine Coon Kittens

Maine Coon kittens with mixed heritage are cheaper than purebred Maine Coons, since their genetics are not pure to the Maine Coon cat breed.

Maine Coons with mixed genetics are not official pedigree cats, though they may massively resemble purebred Maine Coons in terms of character, looks and personality. Whilst there maybe a number of similarities with the purebred Maine Coon breed, it is important to mention that buyers will not be able to identify if the mixed Maine Coon kitten shares all of the traits of the breed. This will only become apparent with time, though you could take a look at the kittens parents to make an educated guess on the matter. Ultimately though, there is no reason why your mixed Maine Coon kitten would not make an amazing family pet.

Where To Buy A Black Maine Coon Kitten

For the ultimate guide to buying a Maine Coon cat, check out my article on “Buying A Maine Coon Cat: Complete Guide“.

Maine Coons kittens are extremely popular due to their fun loving personalities, playful and gentle nature, and stunning appearance, so you should expect to pay a premium price for a black Maine Coon kitten.

Black Maine Coon kittens are available from a wide variety of places, including the following:

Before you rush out to buy your Maine Coon kitten, it is important that you watch out for the pitfalls of buying from some of these places.

1. Registered Breeder

Registered Maine Coon breeders are the best place to purchase black Maine Coon kittens. They are often Maine Coon fanatics and will be able to provide legitimate paperwork proving the Maine Coon kittens pedigree status, whilst often being able to introduce you to the kittens parents too.

Buying from a breeder will cost more, but comes with an added level of comfort reference the kittens general levels of health. This is because breeders genetically check their breeding cats for health issues common to the Maine Coon cat breed, before breeding. This screening process prevents kittens being born with known genetic health issues.

In order to find a registered Maine Coon cat breeder in your area, see below:

  • United States: Contact the ‘Cat Fanciers Association’ (CFA) to find out who your local registered cat breeders are (link to CFA).
  • United Kingdom: Contact the ‘Governing Board Of The Cat Fancy’, the UK’s Premier Registration Body, to find registered breeders located near to you (link here). 

2. Facebook

With the rise in the popularity of social media, Facebook is now a viable place to source a local black Maine Coon kitten. Many businesses advertise kittens for sale on Facebook, including registered Maine Coon breeders. Take a look at sellers pages, and get a gut feel for how the company interact with their audience. Consider the following factors:

  • Do they seem knowledgeable on the subject of Maine Coons?
  • Are they helpful?
  • Do they seem to care about the kittens they sell?
  • Are customers giving them good reviews?

Always aire on the side of caution when dealing with cat sellers online, and never make any online payments before physically seeing the advertised kitten, especially if the seller requests you make a payment that goes outside your country of residence.

Some great Maine Coon Facebook pages exist where you can learn a great deal of information about Maine Coon kittens, and ask any questions you have. These include: 

3. Rescue / Shelter

Sadly, some Maine Coon kittens are abandoned by irresponsible owners. If you keep in regular touch with the cat rescue shelters near you, making your request for a Maine Coon cat known to them, you maybe lucky enough to adopt a Maine Coon kitten should one becomes available.

Maine Coons originate from Maine, United States. Therefore, readers living in United States should consider contacting rescue cats shelters in Northern America, where a higher number of Maine Coon kittens may be available.

Here are some reputable rescue shelters available in the United States, and United Kingdom:

  • Maine Coon Rescue (link) – United States
  • Maine Coon Adoptions (link) – United States
  • Cat Chat (link) – United Kingdom
  • RSPCA (link) – United Kingdom

4. Gumtree

Black Maine Coon kittens are advertised on Gumtree, though I would not recommend this as a good place to purchase your kitten. Always remember that it the deal looks to good to be true, it probably is.

Sadly, many criminals target inexperienced buyers looking to purchase expensive Maine Coon kittens online. The seller often claims the kitten is purebred, when it isn’t, so do make sure that the pedigree paperwork is legitimate. That is not to say that all sellers on Gumtree are bad, the trouble is, you just don’t know so do not take the risk when purchasing a purebred Maine coon cat.

Country specific Gumtree links, for your convenience:

United States

United Kingdom

5. Craigslist

Although you may find the perfect black Maine Coon kitten on Craigslist, once again, aire on the side of caution. This is definitely not a good place to be spending large amounts of money, on a pedigree black Maine Coon cat.

As with Gumtree, criminals try to entice potential buyers with various pictures of stunning black Maine Coon kittens. These kittens are often never available, and at the last minute a seller will switch the advertised kitten in the hope that the buyer will buy the ‘replacement kitten’, having become emotionally invested in the purchase process.

Quick links to Craigslist:

United States

United Kingdom

6. Backyard Breeders

The rise in popularity of the Maine Coon cat has resulted in a rise of backyard breeders keen to produce and sell expensive Maine Coon kittens on mass. Avoid these breeders where possible, since the kittens are kept in poor conditions, and you also cannot ensure they are truly purebred Maine Coons (even if the seller tells you they are!).

These kittens are also unadvisable since backyard breeder tend not to screen their breeding cats by veterinary professionals, to check for medical conditions common to the Maine Coon breed, for instance, hip dysplasia. Thus, there is a possibility that any kitten you buy may have genetics prone to developing certain health issues.

7. Pet Shops

Avoid purchasing black Maine Coon kittens from pet shops. Reputable breeders tend not to trust pet shops to care for their precious Maine Coon kittens. The kittens they sell are likely to have been mistreated by backyard breeders, irresponsible owners, or the pet shops themselves who have little understanding of this speciality cat breeds needs and requirements.

Where To Buy A Black Maine Coon Cat

If you would prefer to purchase an older Maine Coon cat, rather than a kitten, consider buying your cat from:

  • Registered Maine Coon breeders
  • Facebook
  • Rescue Centre / Cat Shelter

The average price for an older Maine Coon cat is $600 (£475).

Black Cat Superstitions

There are many superstitions relating to black cats, which differ wildly across the different cultures. Some countries consider black cats to be a symbol of positivity, whilst others consider them to be a bad omen.

The table below highlights the varying opinions on the black cats meaning (source):

Scottish MythologyArrival of unknown black cat to a home signifies prosperity
Celtic MythologyA fairy as Cat Sith takes the form of a black cat
Britain and JapanBlack cats are considered good luck
Western HistoryBlack cats were considered as evil omens, linked to witches
Most Of EuropeBlack cats are considered a sign of bad luck, especially if one walks across your path
GermanyIt is a bad omen for a black cat to walk across someones path from right to left. However, it is a positive thing if the cat walks from left to right.
PilgrimsThink black cats are companions of witches. If found with a black cat, you were punished, or killed!
SailorsConsider black cats to be lucky
Fishermans WifesThought keeping a black cat at home, would protect their fishermen husbands whilst out at sea
18th Century PiratesThought black cats walking towards a person were bad luck, but good luck if they were walking away from you

Black Maine Coon Adoptions In America

Through no fault of their own, the black Maine Coon is tarnished with superstition, to a degree. In fact, it is thought that black Maine Coons take far longer to be rehomed in American animal shelters than other Maine Coon colourings, apart from brown Coons. This is partly linked to superstition, but also because people consider black cats to be boring, and difficult to photograph (source).

Superstition does play a part in the black Maine Coons adoption rates though, since certain shelters deliberately limit the number of black Maine Coons put up for adoption during the halloween season. This is because the shelters fears the black cats will be tortured, or abandoned after the halloween season has ended (source)

Caring For A Black Maine Coon

1. Maine Coons Fur

If you own a black Maine Coon, pay particular attention to your Coons skin and fur during the hotter Summer months, because they are prone to sunburn. Make sure they always have access to fresh water, and shade, to prevent them becoming overheated.

Warning signs that your black Maine Coon is suffering from sunburn:

  • Fur is tinged with brown
  • Fur starts to develop a rusty colouring

The sun isn’t always responsible for causing black Maine Coon fur to change in colour though. Instead, the cat maybe suffering from enzyme tyrosine deficiency which your cat needs to produce eumelanin, a colour pigment that keeps the cats fur black. If you suspect this condition, please speak to your veterinary professional, who will test your black Maine Coon, and potentially give them a supplement of tyrosine.

2. Grooming

Groom your Maine Coon on a regular basis, no less than once a week. This is particularly important since their fur is characteristically long, thick and shaggy, and unfortunately prone to matting (especially in damp wet weather).

3. Maine Coons Health

The Maine Coon cat breed is generally thought to be a relatively hardy breed, built for the cold Winter weather of Northern America. They are not prone to many health issues in general, but you should watch out for the following conditions:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Obesity – Avoid overfeeding your Maine Coon cat
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

If concerned, please speak to your local veterinary professional asap.

4. Exercise

Encourage your Maine Coon to exercise on a daily basis, especially if you keep your cat indoors. A good way to do this is by purchasing a cat tower, and a variety of different cat toys for your Coon to enjoy.

Black Maine Coon
Black Maine Coon

Black Maine Coon Lifespan

Maine Coons are known for being a generally hardy breed, with few health issues to contend with, apart from hip dysplasia, obesity, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and spinal muscular atrophy.

The average lifespan of a Maine Coon cat is generally considered to be >12.5 years. However, some Maine Coons owners have reported their Maine Coon to have lived for longer than 15 years! Ultimately, a Coons lifespan will be dependent upon a number of factors, such as their genetics, diet, general health, and amount of exercise.

If you are wondering whether black Maine Coon cats will live as long as the other Maine Coon colourings, then the answer is thankfully yes. A Maine Coons colouring bears no relation to the amount of time that the Coon will live.

For more detailed information on the Maine Coons lifespan, take a look at my article “How Long Do Maine Coon Cats Live?“.

Black Maine Coon Breeders

There are a large number of black Maine Coon breeders across the world. 

If you live in the United States, I recommend you contact the ‘Cat Fanciers Association’ to obtain a list of approved and reputable Maine Coon breeders.

If you live in the United Kingdom, please contact the ‘Governing Board Of The Cat Fancy’, the UK’s Premier Registration Body, to find registered breeders located near to you (link here). 

Breeding Black Maine Coon Cats

The genetics of the black Maine Coon cat are fascinating, and have a huge influence on the ability of two black cats giving birth to another black Maine Coon.

Black Maine Coon kittens are bred by taking two purebred black Maine Coon cats, with a black allele or gene. Genetically speaking, the black colouring is considered to be a dominant gene, and is represented by a capital ‘B’. Recessive black genes by contrast are labelled with a small ‘b’.

Breeders looking to produce solid black Maine Coons need to be aware that the tabby colouring is more dominant, than the black gene. Therefore, the breeding cats must also have the recessive gene, known as the non-agouti, which is genetically labelled as ‘a’.

There are varying chances when breeding solid black Maine Coon kittens, which ultimately come down to what the parents genes contain. For instance, breeding cats with a BB combination will always produce black kittens. However, if the breeding cats have a Bb genetic combination, they only have a 1/3 likelihood of giving birth to a solid black Maine Coon kitten. Finally, the bb genetic combination has the lowest chance of resulting in a black Maine Coon kitten, at only 1/5.

Famous Black Maine Coon Cats

According to Tica, the International Cat Association, patients with arthritis, or hand injuries are often given cat therapy to help heal them! It is thought that stroking a cat is both therapeutic, and a great way to encourage patients suffering from hand health issues, to exercise their hands.

An added bonus of cat therapy treatment, is:

  • Helps to lower individuals blood pressure
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces depression

One famous black silver Maine Coon, known as “RW SGC Sarajen OliverUnderfoot of Maggismaines”, has been honoured as a loving cat therapist by the International Cat Association. His work with patients includes regularly visiting a nursing home where he helps older individuals to strengthen their hands.


The black Maine Coon is a beautiful eye catching creature that has become massively popular in recent years. In the United States they even celebrate “Black Cat Appreciation Day” on August 17th!

Black Maine Coon reputations may have been shrouded in superstition, across the world for centuries, yet this particular Maine Coon colouring is still considered to be one of the more popular Coon colourings to buy.

There are a number of different black Maine Coon colourings that you could pick from, so why not grab a coffee and scroll the limitless supply of stunning black Maine Coon cat images across the internet. Alternatively, you can make your life simple, and check out my ‘Black Maine Coon Cat’ board on Pinterest.

Here are a few black Maine Coon pictures to get you started on your journey of love with this beautiful coloured Coon.

Gorgeous Black Maine Coon Examples

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